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  • Application Window - If you are interested in participating in the 2024 La Jolla Art & Wine Festival, please join our mailing list to receive the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival newsletter. The newsletter is the best way to stay current with all festival news.

  • Rolling Admission Notification - TBD

  • Booth Purchase Deadline - 1 week after receiving acceptance notification

  • Artist Load-in - Friday, September 27, 2024 
  • Artist Load-out - Sunday, September 29, 2024


I have been participating in the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival since 2012. This show has always broke new sales records for me and it still holds my record for best sales of all shows I’ve participated in (which is a lot). There are many other great aspects of this show: easy set-up and break-down, artist cove, venue in the middle of downtown La Jolla on Girard Ave, possibility to order lunch ahead of time, parking, and communication with organizers. It’s La Jolla in southern California, so you can also expect the weather to be good 95% of the time!


Oh, and I’ve won Best of Photography twice: in 2013 and 2023!

Roy Kerckhoffs 

Roy Kerckhoffs Art - Photography


Another fabulous La Jolla Art and Wine Festival!  As an artist, I love participating in this show and have been for five years. The visitors are engaged and happy to meet the artists and experience the excellent caliber of art while enjoying the musical entertainment, art for the kids and a huge assortment of food choices and wine tasting.  


A special thank you to the friendly show staff and volunteers who are there to support and help us throughout the show by frequently stopping at the booth offering any assistance we might need including a lunch or restroom break.  From the show application process all of the way through to the last day of break-down there is text or email communication from Brenda Chand, the show director,  promptly answering questions and dealing with any concerns that surface.  Thank you La Jolla Art and Wine Festival for making it such a fun and profitable week-end!

Cindy Teyro

Teyros Collection - Ceramics


The La Jolla Art & Wine Festival is always a special occasion we put on our schedule well in advance and greatly appreciate!

You and your team are excellent to work with. Thank you for your leadership! The group you and Sherry have assembled is second to none. Sherry is a real joy to work with. She’s amazing!

The communication is on point, the supporting materials are easy to understand, thorough, and provided in a timely manner.

Leading up to the event, we always feel the momentum and enthusiasm of your team. This makes for excitement for our team as well, and importantly for our fans.

The day prior to the show (during the setup process) your team clearly works hard to make what can be a stressful situation as beneficial and enjoyable to everyone as possible. Tensions can be high – and even more so with a load in time later in the day – but your team is there to support us and the other artists.

We appreciate the significant planning and structure required to run a successful event such as the LJAWF. You and your team meet and exceed all expectations.

Hoping for a success this year in 2022 and beyond!

Jeff Bommarito & Daniel Bommarito

Featured Artists - Photography


As an artist, La Jolla Art and Wine Festival is one of the top art shows in Southern California. It brings the entire La Jolla community together to celebrate and support the arts. La Jolla is a high-net worth community, and prides itself on local support of the arts. I've participated in the show for several years. It was my initial start in the La Jolla art scene, and over the years, it has allowed me to grow my collector base vastly. Last year, the turnout was unbelievable, my double booth was constantly packed with art enthusiasts and art buyers, alike. Another important note for artists: the behind-the-scenes operations are seamless. The event organizers are extremely organized, responsive, and there for the right reasons: to support the arts. From show logistics, to loading/unloading, to serving us coffee and snacks each day, the promoters always have the artists best interest in mind. I look forward to participating in this year's LJAWF! 


Krista Schumacher

Painting, Palette Knife


2021 was my first year participating as an artist in the LJAWF and it was truly a great privilege. Besides the amazingly helpful management team and diverse range of artists, La Jolla proved itself to be one of the most beautiful cities in San Diego. The delicious food from restaurants surrounding us simply elevated the whole experience. I’m more than grateful to join LJAWF for a second year and hopefully for many more after the end of this pandemic.  

Saeid Gholibeik
Painting (Acrylic)


I had a wonderful time selling my work at La Jolla Art and Wine. The show was well organized, extremely well attended by people who were ready to shop, and super fun. I'd been before as a shopper, and bought some of my favorite art that I own. I suspected that it would be a great event for me to sell at, too, but had no idea how good. I have been a full time artist for nearly six years La Jolla Art and Wine was my two highest sales days of all time.

Kassi Grunder


The La Jolla art and wine fest presents an amazing opportunity for artists at any stage in their careers.  There is no trick to making sales... You just have to get your work in front of as many people as possible, and this festival has TONS of people!  The live music in the beer and wine garden create a fun atmosphere that draws folks in from all over the county, giving your work a massive amount of exposure.  The event is organized well, and lots of planning goes into ensuring a smooth load-in and out, as well as event operations through the business day.  I'll definitely be back!

Brandon Jameson
Spontaneous Realism, Acrylics


What a great 2023 at the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival! It's one of my favorite shows. 6 paintings were sold. We made 5 families very happy. Looking forward to doing it again in 2024!

Jerry Clovis

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