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Windansea High Surf - Roy Kerckhoffs

Artist - Roy Kerckhoffs

2024 Featured Artist

Roy Kerckhoffs

Lotties Parlor - Roy Kerckhoffs

Artist - Roy Kerckhoffs

Roy Kerckhoffs, Artist

Artist Roy Kerckhoffs Headshot

Roy Kerckhoffs is an award-winning photographer and artist based in Carlsbad, California.  His work has been exhibited in businesses, galleries, and museums. Roy has been perfecting his photography and painting skills since the age of 10. His use of bold textures and barn wood style frames give his works a unique authenticity to the subjects.


Experience the captivating narrative of Roy Kerckhoffs, our featured artist at the 2024 La Jolla Art & Wine Festival. Born in the Netherlands, Roy's artistic journey commenced at a young age under the guidance of his father, exploring the realm of visual arts. His fascination with the works of Dutch Masters blossomed alongside his early ventures into photography, ignited by a modest point-and-shoot camera gifted by his parents.

Roy moved from the Netherlands to San Diego, where he pursued his then profession as a scientist at UC San Diego. Despite his academic achievements, Roy's heart remained tethered to his artistic passions. In 2008, he and his wife Marie established Eyeball Photography, a venture that metamorphosed into Roy Kerckhoffs Art in 2014, marking his transition from scientist to full-time artist and photographer.

His artistic vision is a testament to the fusion of texture and narrative, encapsulating the essence of time-honored locales and human-made structures. Roy's creations weave tales of bygone eras, celebrating the intricate dance between industrial marvels and the gentle embrace of nature's organic forms. Through his lens, ghost towns and coastal vistas find new life, each frame imbued with the whispers of untold stories waiting to be unraveled.

In his meticulous process, Roy breathes life into monochromatic landscapes through the delicate application of pastels, acrylics, and oils, invoking a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of early hand-tinted photographs. Embracing traditional techniques while embracing innovation, he crafts each piece with unwavering dedication, from acquiring chemically-developed photo paper to the final touches of mounting and framing, ensuring that every creation bears the hallmark of his passion and craftsmanship.

As Roy continues to explore the boundless horizons of artistic expression, his journey unfolds with boundless creativity and curiosity. From oil painting lessons at the Watts Atelier to experimentation with resin and bas-reliefs, his future promises an evolution of his distinctive style, inviting viewers to embark on an ever-unfolding narrative of texture, contrast, and timeless beauty. Join us at the 2024 La Jolla Art & Wine Festival to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Roy Kerckhoffs, where every stroke tells a story, and every frame captures the essence of a moment frozen in time.

You can find out more about his art at Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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